one way kiss reviews

Karen’s voice is a formidable one. With a range to rival Prince, she makes full use of it. Dangers litter the album throughout

[One Way Kiss 2007] Do not on any occasion, get on the wrong side of this woman. Valentine Mackie ARTROCKER


Neutrinos look great, play great and have kick ass projections screened behind them. Rick Rawlins ARTROCKER


Reilly is very theatrical in her work. The Neutrinos are never less than attention grabbing. Wyldman. ARTROCKER


That’s a good voice, she has at least three octaves. Art-punk legends Suicide


The band were John Peel Favourites, no need to say more. Pete Whalley  Get Ready To Rock


The Neutrinos ARE something to get very excited about.

Imagine Polly Harvey having disappointing sex with Jim Morrison in the toilets at Kings Cross station, stabbing the fat loon in the eye then rolling him out into the street so the ravens can pick at his remains. It’s a scene from a David Lynch film shot through a blood-red filter with Trent Reznor handling the soundtrack, don’t go and see it on your own. Rick Deckard Logo Magazine


It’s easy to see why he [John Peel] loved the Neutrinos. Loud, crass, raunchy, sassy, sexy, careless as a carrier bag in a vortex, these guys deliver where so many fake, and Peelie had no time for fakers. Melancholy Rhino


So we’re talking music as train-crash, a jangled-mangled head-on heap of T-Rex, Blonde, Patti Smith share a smoking head on crush-fest with Sonic Youth, Polly Harvey and Prefuse 73. And rising above the carnage, lead singer Karen’s voice – a Bulgarian choir condensed into one throat. Melancholy Rhino




Well hey, I heard the first stanza and I thought, good hook, rocks, a bit outta-tune-perfect- I think. “I hope this kicks in at some point”- oh, it kicks in alright – whew – what a double heap-o-hardcore rock power chords and kiss my twat attitude – my initial reaction was to turn it up, followed by an urge to go kick over garbage cans and get like a big rose and thorns tattoo on the inside of my forearm, I wish I could see this stuff live – she is pretty wild looking- she definitely doesn’t mother anybody, not even her own kids, lemme tell you! “ you wanna momma you can suck on this “ and so on – good, powerful churning rock chords with no frills animal beats – I just can’t get enough of this shit – I entertain my wife at home, right – set myself up with my Macbook itunes, I start out with R+B, country western but I always end up blasting this kinda shit, the trashier the better –it’s the weiss garage bands that just steal my heart every time – loud, snotty, messy and true to the legacy that was Jonny Thunders –I  can’t control myself. Ok – what do I have to do for her to mail me her panties in a plastic baggie after a show? I’m all ears. boy oh boy. They MUST tell me when they are playing Amsterdam, London, Istanbul, Lisboa, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Milano, or Roma …this band kicks ass.

Henri* le cool magazine



“I suppose it’s like trying to bond two very different molecules with just brute strength alone. It’s a macabre, sometimes disturbing blend of those frequencies reserved exclusively for horror films or tense noire thrillers.” Simon Morrison interviewed for Rhythm Magazine


Deranged garage rock,an addictive record. Victoria Durham Rocksound


The Neutrinos sound like they would be pretty handy in a fight.

Andrew Reilly Room Thirteen


If the idea of PJ Harvey stuck in a Courtney Love-shaped hole screaming and hollering over taut, bluesy garage riffs gets you aroused, The Neutrinos will finish you right off. Hailing from Norwich, they record in a disused windmill and have a singer who grew up on a pig farm. How hot are they? Bacon?.Total Guitar


Elegant female-fronted artsy punk rock with balls. Truck

“Throbbing art-punk noise and sexy urgent energy.”  Time Out New York



“Cover your testicles, lads. Karen Reilly’s out with the scissors, repeating “build him till he breaks” New Noise Net


‘Recalling by turn The Stooges, The Pixies, PJ Harvey, early David Bowie, The Doors, and classic blues masters, The Neutrinos are a force of nature’ Torontowide

‘Masterful rock n roll’ Time Out London


‘A Neutrinos show will leave you dazed, shocked, maybe scared, but certainly thrilled’ World of Gigs USA

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