KlangHaus – Where it came from

This is an archive of the beginnings of KlangHaus..it began in 2008 with a journey to Berlin to record The Butcher of Common Sense Album…none of us recovered.

KlangHaus explores extremes of performance with small audiences in intimate spaces.

Being in the moment, being with oneself,  being in one’s senses.


In the age of screen and electronic device communication between people, this show puts the breath back into listening.

Klang Haus Audience Comments


Klang Haus : a collaboration

Sound and music : The Neutrinos

Visual and lighting design :  sal pittman

Sound installation and spoken word : mutantsounds





Projections, hand-made slides and stop frame animations sal pittman

 photo:Mark Wernham

Klang Haus follows on from The Butcher of Common Sense project 2012, raised in Berlin in 2008 and realised as a music album, a vinyl, a 340 page art-book, live performance and exhibition. Sound and light inspired by architecture.

‘We harvested the songs from the room’.

‘Partly because of the time of year it was, it just felt so incredibly bleak. As the light drained out of the building. All we had was each other to be the colour. ‘ JB The Neutrinos


Publications: Ultrabold 13 article  Summer 2013 The Butcher of Common Sense.

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