The Butcher Of Common Sense

.The Butcher of Common Sense.
 The Butcher of Common Sense is an experiment in art and music, developed over a three-year period by a group of 9 artists instigated by the continuing explorations into music and performance in architecture by The Neutrinos and longterm visual artist collaborator Sal Pittman This extraordinary project began with 10 intensive days at Funkhaus Nalepestrassse, a defunct DDR radio station in Berlin, where they immersed themselves into these imposing surroundings to create a range of audio and visual art.

‘From despair to distraction, insecurity to inspiration. The act of spending time with The Butcher Of Common Sense is the ultimate medicine for the creative block’

Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard (Directors of  ‘20,000 Days on Earth’: eagerly awaited drama documentary featuring Nick Cave)

visit the full dedicated Butcher site here


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