Derelict tower block – Westlegate House

photography: Ben Johnsonwestlegate strip blogCIMG3559 CIMG3556 sonic-basement-poster-web
press to travel

Darkness folded around the crowd as they entered the building. Mutant sounds hurled blocks of sound through the blackness. Neutrinos growled like a pack of dogs finally emerging singing ‘You’ll Die You’ll Rot You’ll be Forgot’…….barely visible, then extremely close now in your sites. Pull the audience into the building, sing under holes in the ceiling with peaking shafts of daylight…….process deeper into the belly of the building singing silky whispers of Shake the Egg and falling metal clatter of junk…….
Mutant sounds launches a spitfire through the dust filled air…..appearing in a ceiling hole she sings The View’s Amazing……then the band played, bathed in blood red light, the carcass of the building is revealed.
The sonic is displayed, screaming through amps with distant secondary amps singing back from 100ft away.
Mutant sound reads poetry backwards, it is spat back by machine like some satanic translator, we shudder.
Noise and disorientation then shifts to acoustic singing clear as a chamber, a chapel. Then wailing monsters,  stomping, authentic emotion. Next, snake the audience down into the bowels, the basement awaits, lit by gore encrusted rabbits……but the unforgiving concrete tomb gives way to birdsong, the smell of outside and hot rum liquor delivered in tiny paper cones…. more songs, contemplation of a building and rot that will soon be taken away….. finally pulled through the basement tunnels and up stairs to stumble out onto the still light, warm evening street. End

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