The Butcher Of Common Sense Exhibition Open

The Exhibition ,The Butcher Of Common Sense, is now open at The Horse Hospital.

The Neutrinos threw tried and tested ways into the fog and joined forces with others, christened them fellow Butchers and got to work.

“We believed, because we decided to believe, that we could walk into a room and find songs” The Neutrinos

The Neutrinos plus SAL PITTMAN art/film, BK&DAD guitar+drums, JONNY COLE sound production, ROS COLEMAN words, DAN TOMBS film [most of the above labels inter-changeable for each person].

Hear the book

See the book

Buy The Book Here

Latest Butchers added to the register………

JASON BARSBY words, edits and boning, DAN RICHARDS words, TAZ drums, JASON DIXON sound-artist, TIM TRACEY light-artist and tech, TOM JOHNSON lights and drums, ALEX LINGFORD production and book construction, HELEN KEMP-screenprint, Jo Stafford screenprint, JONI SMITH/JODIE THURLOW/PETE WICKHAM/MOLLY RIGG page construction and show support, LORNA SHIPLEY rum service, JOSH FOX drum/guitar trolley driver, DHUGAL HARRISON additional guitars, CLARE HUBERY permissions.
the-show-butcher-guides :Toby Price, Jake Varley, Joe Lawrence, Elliot Pace, Jim, Jonny Mayre, Helen Young, Harry Price….. we’re all Brothers in Milk

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