light below the war memorial

For those who couldn’t get in this is what happened…

We curtained off one third of the undercroft and kept people in close proximity, sang close-up in harmony, quietly in the middle of the crowd. Moved away, sang through mega phones, sang on top of ladders…..then sent a surround sound aural spitfire through the room…..then we led the audience into the blacked out two thirds of the room. A drummer and guitarist screeching loudly whilst being pulled on a trolly up the length of the building, the audience following…the musicians join the band, we perform a song, the audience are led out.

This was the our opportunity to fly the new lighting technique into action.

So darn tired of flashing lights on a band, thou they do work…what else is there?

Thin beams of light….slide projectors moving on cranked handles with hand cut slides of paper and string slicing our faces….

top photos Christa Holka

below photo Mark Wernham

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