France Belgium Holland

The Neutrinos returned to the Lowlands to share their new cocktail of sounds. Experimental rock , through to whispered stories slipped into the air, whilst laying on the floor at your feet. It’s a challenge to break music show conventions in such well oiled venues in France and Belgium. The crew do their thing so well, it feels churlish to say I know you have yer great lighting rig, but can we use our shitty projectors and can you bare your walls rather than have your beautiful black backdrop. Full credit to all folks we met, no request was a problem. For The Neutrinos it was re-embracing the hour- long set of live, loud songs and screaming and swooping like starlings in a murmuration whilst being lit by Sal’s graphic hand-made slides. Light my eyes, put us in a ‘Fluxus’ dream.

The cameras snatched when the lights where full, our shows recently have been a photographers hell…pitch black, so good to see us in the headlights again.

photo: Xavier Marquis

Top: Le Grand Mix, Tourcoing, France/ Below : De Kreun, Kortrijk, Belgium.

Picture 32Picture 5Picture 6

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