What is Klang Haus?


  • Klang Haus blends experimental art-rock, electronica, improvisation, stories and soundscapes. Performing music very loudly and very quietly, playing creative games, performing in darkness, shape-shifting the rooms with projected images, using shadow and visual illusions and informal interactions with the audience.

  •  In the age of screen and electronic device communication between people, this show wants to put the breath back into listening. Sensual deprivation, being in the moment, being with oneself and ones’ senses. 

  • ‘It’s so strange how the room changed once it began. It felt bigger, huge in the dark – but a sitting room all the time. A room full of hypnotised strangers.’ Audience member 

 Klang-Strip-3 Klang-Strip-1 copy _MG_8715 _MG_8849 _MG_8872 _MG_8944

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