Introducing Wet Nurse Records

Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 16.03.46

Wet Nurse Records is a label The Neutrinos has had for many years… we just never made a noise about it, but now we are, because it’s a damn fine thing.

Recording our music has always been a challenge for us… creating sound worlds we are happy to live with. We have worked with many brilliant producers and engineers, Jonny Cole at Mill Studios, David Pye and most recently Iain Lowery on an acoustic album called ‘Ordinary Things’, which we hope to release later this year. We began recording OT in February, during Storm Ciara and had to wait for high winds to drop so Jeron could travel in from the coast. Our next batch of recordings was inked in for March 24th, the day after the lockdown started. We are working remotely from each other and OT will emerge.

Stay safe, if you need anything, drop us a line, we’ll help if we can.

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