Audience share Dark Room…

Exhilarated and humbled by the feedback we received from the Dark Room audiences.

We were so lucky to get 80 shows of Dark Room : Listen In into the world just before we went into Tier 4 on Boxing Day here in Norfolk. Thank you to all who came along and sorry to all those who were booked in post-Christmas. Thank you for the generous donations, genuinely humbling and gratefully received. We found the shows tantalising and it’s really got us thinking about how we can use complete darkness in more shows in the future.

As this new lockdown will probably take us through to the spring we will not be re-scheduling more Dark Room shows in our house. The darkness was challenging to create even at the winter solstice and if you need advice about blacking out a room, for us layers worked a treat. We were delighted by people’s reaction to complete darkness and we are hatching plans for new venues and new stories to unfold.

We are recording an album of “Ordinary Things” and are slowly letting them out into the world, we hope you enjoy this version of Heaven sound-tracking the show comments video. More news on this soon and more wonderful Paul Flack artwork, thank you Paul.

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