Ordinary Things show…thank you

After two years of not performing as a full-on band this show at Norwich Arts Centre was a real home-coming.

In rehearsals we’d initially lost that invisible bond, that connection you need when purely working together through sound ….no words….but slowly it reappeared, it re-grew, haha, and the utter joy of creating a sound world onstage that folks could join us in was the best reward. It was controlled, mesmerising, wild and loud…..and Mark’s telephone calls…..stooipd and delightful.

Extraordinary photos by Gordon Woolcock allowed us to see what had been going on…. all we knew is that it felt damn fine…..thank you to all who could attend, we snuck in under the wire of what feels like will be another lockdown…. stay safe…and if we are forced back to one person at a time shows… then you are invited!

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